West London Model Aeroplane Club

Welcome to West London Model Aeroplane Club

Next club event
Thursday, 14 March
Club meeting
First aid talk and drone flying

Club fleeces and hats have arrived and will be available for purchase - ask Mat if interested.


Annual subs for the club and BMFA should be paid by 31st December.  If the BMFA is not paid you are uninsured from 1st Jan, and must not fly!

The BMFA has a new membership management system.  You can see your membership info using it, even if you rejoin through the club.  There is information about it here.  If you pay the club for your BMFA membership you may receive a confirmation email directly from the BMFA starting "Thank you for signing up to be a member of the BMFA".  You will only receive this if they already had an email address for you.